Professional Development Calendar

Mineralis offer a full range of professional development courses for minerals and non minerals professionals.  Further we can tailor our courses to meet your specific needs either online, on site or in an alternative location convenient for your workforce.  

A selection of our scheduled courses is listed below, please register your interest at or call us on +61 (0)7 3870 7024.






Metallurgical Accounting                                           2 days

This course will cover basic concepts of metallurgical accounting, sampling, mass measurement, analytical, process inventory, data system designs and management, metallurgical balance and reconciliation, system audits and professional ethics.

  • Ensure good metal accounting practice in the workplace
  • Demonstrate awareness of best practice
  • Generate high-quality data to enable expert decision making.
  • Undertake technical audits and identify opportunities for improved measurement and analysis
  • Produce competent and thorough production reports that provide the best available information to go to senior management or to upstream/downstream

Dr Rodolfo Espinosa Gomez


4 x 4hr sessions

18, 19, 25 & 26 Aug 2021


Metallurgy for Non-Metallurgists                              1 day

This popular one-day workshop provides an easy to understand guide to mineral separation and extraction.  Improve your knowledge of metallurgical conventions and terminology and learn more about the principles behind metallurgical testwork and process design.

Topics include: Ore minerals and liberation, crushing, grinding, flotation, ore sorting, leaching, instrumentation and control, testwork, process flowsheets, future directions and sustainability.  We also cover treatment of specific commodities such as copper, gold, zinc, nickel, coal and lithium.

Duncan Bennett


2 x 4hr sessions


Flotation Performance: Recovery by Size by Liberation                                                                          3 days

Mineralogical data, properly used, enables good mineral processing performance and identifies opportunities for improvement.  

This hands-on course, strongly supported by practical activities and case study data, teaches you how to optimise a flotation processes using size, assay and liberation data. Participants will leave fully equipped with the analytical tools and skills to enhance circuit performance and process effectiveness.

Dr Rodolfo Espinosa Gomez


6 x 4hr sessions

10, 11, 17, 18, 24 & 25 Mar 2021

10 things Geologists Need to Know About Mineral Processing                                                                         1 day

This interactive workshop will explain how rock type and mineralogy impact on process performance, as well as clarifying metallurgical jargon and explaining some common metallurgical conventions. If you are involved in green-fields project development, geometallurgical studies or you just want to understand what makes your metallurgical colleagues tick, this course is for you! 

Peter Munro

Diana Drinkwater


2 x 4hr sessions

16 & 23 Mar 2021

Chemistry – the Key to Sulphide Flotation          2 days

Sulphide flotation chemistry including the influence of Eh and pH, water quality, pulp dispersion, collectors, depressants, activators, froth stability and froth recovery, reverse flotation, impact of electrochemistry on grinding mills and the commonly used research and analytical tools. Practice applying what you learn with case-study based process improvement activities.    

Dr Rodolfo Espinosa Gomez


4 x 4hr sessions

12, 13, 19 & 20 May 2021

Please contact Mineralis if you wish to arrange for an online or in-house version of any of the above courses.  

We can also customize training material to suit your needs


Custom Courses


LIMN training     2 days
Learn to use LIMN, one of the Minerals Industry’s most versatile flowsheet design and mass balancing software packages.  The course will be run by LIMN creator David Wiseman.

Courses can be delivered in English AND Spanish

Please contact us to register your interest

Designing Effective Metallurgical Test-work Programs     1 day
Practical design of test-work programs for new projects or for operational effectiveness, including costing, confidence levels and case studies, for qreenfields and brownfields projects.

Benchmarking     1 day
Where do you sit on the cost/ performance/efficiency curve?  How can you move to a better position?

Getting the Most out of your Process Data     1 or 2 days
How to collect, evaluate and analyse data and use it to make good decisions.  Process decision making is only as good as the quality of the underlying information. Topics covered include manual and automatic sampling, instrument installation and monitoring, experimental design, data quality analysis, accounting and reporting, process diagnostics, control and trouble-shooting.