Improving Operational Effectiveness

Improving operational effectiveness is like building a successful sports team. You need to do a lot of things right, at the same time, over and over again.

This starts with mastering the basics. This means detailed understanding of the process chemistry and mineral behaviour in every size fraction and liberation class. You need to understand your product, the market, what other operators are doing. This identifies the opportunities to add value.

Your people need to be working together on the right things and across organisational boundaries. This may need coaching and mentoring to develop their professional skills. Finally, organisational systems, KPIs and incentives need to be reviewed to ensure they drive and sustain the right behaviour.

You don't need the most expensive or the biggest team. You need the right people working on the right things; a critical mass of deep experience working on several fronts with a common objective.

Then you have to lock in the gains so you can keep improving. We provide ongoing support, health checks and mentoring. We answer the phone years after engagement without charging for every minute.